Royal Enfield Classic: Info & Review (350cc & 500cc) in February 2018

Royal Enfield Classic is one of India’s most iconic and popular motorcycles in the cruiser segment. This legend comes in two engine displacement models : 350cc & 500cc

Royal Enfield Classic - FV


The basic information on both these models are as follows:


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Royal enfield Classic 500 side view



The Royal enfield classic has a retro look with modern touches. It has split seats and an aggressive looking fuel tank. A chrome finish adds a royal look to the bike. The Classic’s rear view mirrors, exhaust, spoke wheels, and handle bar are finished in chrome which ,undoubtedly, give a majestic aura to the machine. Therefore, on the looks department, this beauty gives the Harley’s and Triumph’s a stiff competition.

It has a wheelbase of 1370 mm and overall length of 2180 mm. The ground clearance is 135 mm high.


The classic comes with two engine sizes ie. 350 cc & 500 cc. The engine is a UC (unit constructed( engine as opposed to a cast iron engine. It is reliable & has relatively low maintenance. However, the famous thumping sound is diminished in such a scenario.

  1. The 350 cc variant has the ability to produce a max power of 19.8 bhp @ 5250 rpm and max torque of 28 Nm @ 4000 rpm.
  2. The 500 cc variant has the ability to produce a max power of 27.2 bhp @ 5250 rpm and max torque of 41.3 Nm @ 4000 rpm.

Royal enfield classic 500 left view


  1. Retro look
  2. Sound (or thump as they call it)
  3. Ergonomically comfortable seats
  4. Reasonably high torque
  5. Economical for such a large engine size.


  1. Maintenance is generally on the higher side.
  2. Brakes have poor response. ABS variant not available
  3. Response of the bike is sluggish due to heavy weight and design.
  4. Extreme vibration at high speed
  5. Features offered in a Royal Enfield Classic are outdated and limited.
  6. They use tubed tyres

The royal enfield classic is not a performance bike but a bike for those who want to have a comfortable and leisured ride. However, It is always better to pre-decide what sort of a biker you are & want to be before concluding on your purchase.

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