Royal Enfield Upcoming Bikes : Royal Enfield 750cc parallel twin

According to reports, One of the Royal Enfield upcoming bikes is the 750cc parallel twin. This baby is expected to be out by the end of the financial year ’17. A small summary of what is expected:

  1. Engine size : 750cc
  2. Engine Layout : Parallel Twin
  3. Dimensions (mm) : Based on the RE continental GT chassis, the expected dimensions are 2060 x 760 x 1070
  4. The fuel supply system will be a carburettor instead of fuel injection
  5. Expected Max. Power : 46bhp
  6. Expected Peak torque : 62Nm
  7. Expected Launch: March 2017
  8. Competitors: Harley Davidson Street 750, Triumph Bonneville Street Twin
  9. Expected Price : ₹ 3,00,000 – ₹4,00,000

Royal enfield upcoming bikes : 750cc-parallel-twin side view


The positive aspect of this Royal Enfield upcoming bike is the engine size. Currently, with their 350cc & 500cc models, they are at best entry to mid-level cruiser & adventure touring bikes and that has been their niche in the Indian market. However, with a 750cc engine, this gives them an entry into the premium touring motorcycle segment and compete with big american and european names.

Royal enfield upcoming bikes : 750cc-parallel-twin-front-side-view



The bike will, however, have a tough time meeting emission norm (especially in the European market). This is because the fuel is supplied using carburettors instead of fuel injection.



Some of the points the Royal enfield will have to work on with the 750cc parallel twin, as well as its other models are the extreme vibrations riders feel once they go over 85kmph, weak headlights, internal wiring for various gauges (fuel gauge, speedometer etc.) and problems with the braking system (Easy wearing out of brake pads and brake shoes)

As they say the proof is in the pudding. Hence, the true worth of the bike will only be known once it is out in the market and user reviews start coming in.

Keep in tune for more posts regarding the 750cc parallel twin and more of the Royal Enfield upcoming bikes.

Royal enfield upcoming bikes : 750cc-parallel-twin-back-view

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