Know your foot size

Abide by the following instructions to the point and you will get your exact size:

APPARATUS REQUIRED: A4 size blank paper, Knife, Pen, Measuring Tape/Ruler


1. Find an A4 blank sheet of paper and a hard flat surface.

2. Choose your foot which is longer.

3. Place the A4 size paper with one side touching the wall edge.

4. Place your foot on the paper ,such that, the back most part of your heel touches the wall .

5. Mark a line at the at the  farthest end of your foot using a scale and pencil. Make sure the line is parallel to the wall (This can be ensured by making sure the measured value at two different points on the line are same)

foot measuring

5. Get a ruler or measuring tape and measure the length between the marked line and the end of the sheet that was touching the wall.

6. To the measured value add 1.2cm (12mm or .5 inches)

7.Compare the resulting value in Centimeters (cm) or inches to the UK scale given in the chart below.

8.Round off the size to the next higher value (ie. if the size is coming to be UK size 9.2, then round it off to size 10)




shoe size orazo 1


[Disclaimer:  Standard footwear size measurement is on the basis of length as per the procedure described above. However, in case of variation in girth of the wearer’s foot, the fitting could change]